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SonOfaBitch To SAXON

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SonOfaBitch To SAXON - [Heavy Metal Music]

One of the main founding Saxonmember's Graham Oliver has never given in regardless of the media pounding he suffered as a consequence of his battles with Saxon front man Biff Byford. He played with the heavy metal band Saxonfrom 1977 to 1994. After leaving the band he initially reformed his old band Son of a Bitch with former Saxon bassist Steve Dawson and drummer Pete Gill. Son of a Bitch released the largely threatening badgered, album Victim You with Thunderheadsinger, Ted Bullet.

Bullet left the band, and Gill disappeared after the release of the album. They were replaced by vocalist John Ward and another former member of Saxon, Nigel Durham on drums. After hectic court battles over the band name SAXON, resulting in an order allowing them to use the name in future recordings, Oliver and Dawson regrouped again as Oliver-Dawson Saxon, continuing their legacy of Saxon, playing smaller venues to largely appreciative crowds.

They also undertook a full U.K tour on Ronnie James Dio 'Killing the dragon 'tour. Graham also duetted with Doug Aldrich on 'Rainbow in the Dark' on the last gig at Plymouth. They initially performed under the Saxon name before being halted by legal action taken by the version of Saxon featuring Biff Byford.

Oliver has also released the solo album End Of An Era. Five of the tracks were written and performed by rock indie band Bullrush, with whom Graham' son Paul Oliver plays drums, along Steve Tudberry and Scott Howitt. Also appearing on the album were Pete Gill, Steve Dawson, Kev Moore, Paul Johnson, Phil Hendriks, Richard Spencer (The Widdler) from Zephyr and Chris Archer.

Since 2003, Oliver sometimes plays with former Marc Bolan band members who still tour carrying on the T.Rex banner. This opportunity materialised after Graham played Get It On with Rolan Bolan at a special show in Bradford. He has also recently gained an endorsement from British guitarcompany Indie.

As of 2005, he was playing in Oliver/Dawson SAXONin the US. Oliver maintains that the real 'Saxon' would be the one that has all the original founding members still playing together. The current band line up of Oliver-Dawson Saxon contains two of the five original founders and one member from the 1980 line up.

Oliver and Pete Dowsette are currently writing the book, 'Saxon Drugs and Rock and Roll'. The book will tell the story of how Oliver and Dawson were the inspirations for the film This is Spinal Tap, and will include dozens of stories that never made it into the film.

Source: Wikipedia

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