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11. ODS - The Eagle Has Landed
(Media Resources/Oliver-DawsonSAXON Video)
5eGsUq9kUqQ Some Text about the track here Power And The Glory (1983) Power And The Glory Redline Warrior Nightmare This Town Rocks Watching The Sky Midas Touch The Eagle Has...
12. ODS - Wheels Of Steel
(Media Resources/Oliver-DawsonSAXON Video)
qTLRv1WsRYs Some Text about the track here Wheels Of Steel (1980) Motorcycle Man Stand Up And Be Counted 747 (Strangers In The Night) Wheels Of Steel Freeway Mad See The Light Shining...
13. MOTORBIKER - The new Heavy Metal album.
(News/Oliver-Dawson SAXON)
[[Graham_Oliver#Saxon|Oliver Dawson Saxon]] - Heavier than Metal [[Graham_Oliver#Saxon|Oliver-Dawson Saxon]] started to record their new album titled [[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|MOTORBIKER]] five years ago at...
14. SAXON & Heavy Metal
(News/Saxon Archives)
...era when [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] and [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]] toured the pubs and clubs in the North of England as [[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|Son Of A Bitch]] ([[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|SOB]])....
15. Returns Policy
(Site Admin/Terms and Rules)
... We aim to: Acknowledge complaints within 7 working days Advise you how long it will take to resolve the complaint Keep you informed throughout the process   Regards - [[Graham_Oliver#Saxon|Oliver...
16. SonOfaBitch 1995
(Media Resources/Band Favourite Videos)
[Heavy Metal Music]- Original 1995 Profile: including Extracts by Moz Morris The band started its embryonic life as the Dawson/Oliver outfit [[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|Son Of A Bitch]] ([[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|SOB]])...
17. SonOfaBitch To SAXON
(News/Saxon Archives)
[[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|SonOfaBitch]] To SAXON - [Heavy Metal Music] One of the main founding Saxonmember's [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] has never given in regardless of the media pounding...
Some favourite music and video clibs from across the internet.
From [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] and [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]]... [[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|SOB]] to SAXON, the early years! ...
20. SonOfaBitch Archives
From [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] and [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]]... [[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|SOB]] to SAXON, the early years! ...
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